Raleigh Airbnb Co-Host, VRBO Co-host

We can help you improve your revenue on Airbnb and VRBO. As Short Term Rental Specialists, we offer and implement suggestions and tools to make your rental home profitable!  We act as property managers with a twist.  I can help as your Raleigh, Lake Gaston, Sugar Mountain, Beech Mountain CoHost.

Review and optimize verbiage on listing. We will go through the verbiage on our site and tell your story. What makes your place special? and why to choose your place out of all the others in the various platforms. Who is your target audience and how do we make your site appeal to them.
Review and optimize image on listing A picture is worth a thousand words. Do your images tell the story you want to tell? Is your place Instagrammable?
Offer suggestions on improvements We go through your property and make suggestions to increase rentability and revenue.
Set up Multi platform Different platforms reach more people.
Set up Dynamic Pricing Dynamic pricing increases pricing during peak periods such as Spring Break, holidays. We will also lower pricing when unrented times come closer.
Get your space Ready We will help stage your place.
Respond to Guest Issues Guests have questions, we have answers.
List your space (if not listed) Including Search Engine Optimization so you will rank higher.
Message with guests We offer prompt, courteous and firm responses to guests.
Respond to booking inquiries Lets get your place rented. Prompt response is key.
Pre-screen Guests Guests can be interesting, asking the right questions will help eliminate problems.
Update calendar and pricing We will sync calendars and prices cross platform
Restocking of essential supplies Every location has different essential supplies, we make sure they are available.
Coordinate Cleaning and Linens We manage the cleaner and linens for you.
Coordinate Maintenance Things break, we get them fixed.
Reviewing Guests Reviewing guests is a key matrix in your ranking.
Interacting with Platform There will be times when the platform (Airbnb, VRBO) has communication, we respond to that communication.
Set up Facebook Page Set up your Facebook page for your home. This helps with your ranking.
Coordinate Syncing of Calendars Make sure there are no double bookings.
Coordinate Guest messaging Welcome messages on follow up messages.
List on other venues There are other places to put your listing to help it gain links and rank higher.

*Dynamic pricing adjusts pricing based on occupancy rate forecast. Increases when rates are higher. And will lower when lower. Will also offer lower prices upon vacancy in the near future.

I set up your pricing to get the best ROI I take action to protect our home.  (screening)

So how does one get to declaring them self an expert?   Education in many forms.

  • Hosting a home
  • Consulting with other hosts
  • Reading books (11 Airbnb and STR books to date)
  • Following Podcasts
  • Multiple Youtube series
  • Facebook Groups (9)
  • Admin of 2 Airbnb Facebook groups
  • Forums (active in 3 different STR (Short Term Rental)) forums.
  • Member of Airbnb Policy Team
  • Over $1,000,000 in rental revenue.

My background is in Search Engine Optimization, which is ranking websites organically in Google. I have many keywords ranked #1 nationwide. Ranking and optimizing your listing is very similar. It is a process of reverse engineering the process and developing the proper listing to generate the most revenue.

Raleigh airbnb co host
Lake Gaston co host

Raleigh Airbnb co host

I help owners manage their Short Term Rental. I manage 19 on Lake Gaston. 3 in Raleigh and 7 at Banner Elk.

A little about me. I started Airbnb/VRBO my house 4 years ago. I did really well. Well enough that a friend asked me to manage theirs. I took their revenue in one year and grew it by 46%. I have gotten referrals and recommendations from many owners, and have grown this to a full time business.

I spend the night in every house.
I do a Google Doc that is shared with owners.
I communicate with owners on issues
I have cleaning teams and maintenance people
I am a member of the NC Airbnb Policy team
6 Facebook groups
Mastermind group
Dynamic pricing 12 hours of classes.
Track listings

One thing I do that is totally different is I set up the listings on Airbnb and VRBO in the owners name with payouts going to the owner. This way if you wanted to end our agreement you do not lose the listing and all the reviews.

My background is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is ranking websites. I use the same techniques to rank my houses very well, and they exceed expectations. I update listings very frequently and employ rank tracking software and dynamic pricing to drive results. I keyword optimize the listings.

My team and I work closely with our owners to be very successful.

Airbnb Cohosting that is different and better

• Review and optimize verbiage on listing
• Review and optimize images on listing
• Offer suggestions on improvements
• Set up on Multi platforms Airbnb/VRBO
• Set up Dynamic Pricing
• I set up the listing in the owners name

• Respond to Guest Issues
• Message with guests
• Respond to booking inquiries
• Pre-screen Guests
• Update calendar and pricing
• Restocking of essential supplies

• Coordinate Cleaning and Linens
• Coordinate Maintenance
• Review Guests
• Coordinate Syncing of Calendars
• Coordinate Guest Messaging
• List on other venues.

What can an Airbnb Cohost do for you.

Airbnb cohosts play a crucial role in managing and enhancing the hosting experience. Here are some key tasks and responsibilities an Airbnb cohost can handle for you: 1. Listing Management 2. Guest Communication 3. Check-In and Check-Out Assistance 4. Housekeeping and Maintenance 5. Guest Reviews and Feedback 6. Financial Management 8. Marketing and Promotion Benefits

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Airbnb/VRBO Marketing only Cohosting

There are some situations where the owner would like to maintain the guest communication and manage the cleaners and maintenance. Or they may have these systems already in place. They are simply looking to rank higher and get more bookings. They are looking for someone to manage the listing from a marketing perspective. What you

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STR Warehouse

Questions to ask an Airbnb Co Host

Hiring a co host is an interesting endeavor. This usually occurs when the owner of the property faces one of the following: What is a co host? A co host is someone who will manage the Airbnb and VRBO listing for the owner. Typically, the home owner sets up the listing and turns the credentials

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Airbnb and VRBO necessary tools

This is a list of tools, I highly recommend for a Short Term Rental I have installed these in Airbnb’s with great success. U-tec Wifi Enabled Lock Wyze Wifi Enabled Thermostat Door bell Camera I shopped around, and really like this. You can add codes, delete codes and open and close remotely. You need the

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Hosting your house on Airbnb/VRBO can be scary.

There is nothing like getting listed with your local tourism board. These organizations know the importance of quality listings. If you are a superhost providing a top-of-the-line experience, tourism boards will want to include your property in tourist guides and directories. Hello there.  Bob Liddle with CohostBob .com   I consult with hosts and potential

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Raleigh airbnb co host

About Me.  I am Bob Liddle,  I grew up in Raleigh, NC. 

I know the area well, and have witnessed the tremendous growth in Raleigh, Lake Gaston, Sugar Mountain and Beech Mountain.  Getting the best value for your Airbnb is key, and knowing the area is a big help.  I would like to be your Raleigh Airbnb co host


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